Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Fold by Peter Clines

I just finished The Fold by Peter Clibes. The book tells the story of a secret government project which has solved the puzzle and accomplished teleportation.  Out in the desert, two portals have been built which enable you to walk through one and come out the other that just happens to be a mile away across the desert.  Only something seems a little off.  So an outsider with a photographic memory is sent out to observe the team and the doors.  
My favorite thing about the book was the details on what it is like to possess a photographic memory.  The author uses the analogy of ants who are endlessly marching through his brain carrying facts and facts and facts.  I found the character's defense mechanism against his abilities fascinating. I really enjoyed the book, however the ending seemed to wrap up a little too easily.  Overall a really great book!