Sunday, July 17, 2016

I Am No One by Patrick Flanery

This is a very intelligent book and probably not for everyone. The main character is a learned American professor who has recently returned to NYC after many years of living and teaching at Oxford.  The author does an AMAZING job of portraying this character.  So authentic is his voice that at times it's a bit difficult to muddle through. ( Imagine an 8 hour lecture from someone really smart). The story tells on this professor who seems to be under surveillance. He is followed, his phone may be hacked, his email has been hacked and he is receiving weird packages that show every website he has ever looked at and every email he has ever sent.  Well, not really since forever, just since a certain event.
I like this book. It was really interesting and definitely thought-provoking.  It is definitely ot for the casual reader, though!