Monday, August 31, 2009

My Name is Falon by Kim Wiese

I copied this from the author's website: "Falon Macvail is barely fourteen years old when her family isforced to flee their home in Scotland, leaving behind everythingshe’s ever known in the hands of greedy landowners. As theirbeloved country struggles through a time of great civil unrestand class upheaval, Falon and her family travel to a raw wildernesscalled Texas. Far from the threat of their murderous evictors,the Macvail family must carve out a new life amidst the dangersof a new frontier.When the rumblings of a war with Mexico begin and an implacableenemy invades from the south, ravaging the countryside andleaving a trail of death and destruction behind them, Falon musttake a stand once more and find the courage to protect those inher care from the enemy crouching on her doorstep."

A lot happens in this book but so much doesn't. It covers about 20 years in minutes and parts of the book were really inplausible to me. It was interesting and would make for a good discussion, mostly about how unbelievable some of the main character's choices were. Gosh that was bad grammer!

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