Tuesday, September 23, 2014

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

I stayed up way too late finishing this lovely book. Set primarily in Brittany during the final days of WWII, the book focuses on the lives of three charexter a: a young blind girl, a young radio whiz and a diseased man searching for the jewel which will save his life. Marie Laurie loses her sight at 6. Before this, her eyes feast on the treasures of the world at the museum where her father serves at the locksmith. With the Germans coming, they flee the city, taking with them the museum's prized jewel. Hunting them down is the Nazi Von Rumple who believes the jewel keeps alive forever the person who possesses it. Concurrently, we follow the story of a young German orphan who is plucked from his orphanage to attend an elite Hilter youth training school where his brilliance with machines, specifically radios, becomes evident. 
Go get this book. It is fairy tale like and informative and terrifying in it's portrayal of the banality of evil. Did I say go get this book??

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