Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dune Road by Jane Green

I HATED every character in this book. HATED THEM.

The main character is the mother of 2 who got a divorce because she and her husband grew apart and she just didn't know who she was anymore. So she gets her life back together, moves into a smaller house and becomes the assistant to a famous writer who is some 20 years older than her. She becomes friends with a gorgeous yoga teacher but then gets really bitchy when the yoga teacher starts to date her boss. Is she interested in her boss? No. Apparently she just doesn't want her friend to date him. Then her half sister who she has no idea exists shows up and there is all kinds of drama there. She has constant run-ins with her ex-husband and always thinks, now why did we get a divorce? UGH. I hate this woman. In the end, everything works out with not a single loose thread. I know this is a book that the masses will love. So not for me. Which I can only blame myself for as I have read other books by this author and didn't like them either. (Swapping Lives)

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