Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bath Tangle by Georgette Heyer

I love Georgette Heyer. She is credited with being the creator of Regency Romances, but I am not sure I would agree with that. I think 'romance' tends to mean Fabio on the cover and soft porn between the covers. Not so Heyer books. They are much more in the vane of Jane Austen. Sweet books full of what is proper and what is not and lots of humor. This book tells the story of Serena, 25, whose wealthy father has recently passed away. He has placed her money in trust and the trustee is her former (jilted) fiance, the Earl of Rotherham. Serena lives with her widowed step-mother, Fanny, aged 22. The two have moved out of the enormous mansion and into the smaller, cramped dowager house. Finding it depressing, they go to Bath for the season. Once there, they encounter all kinds of characters including Serena's first love. Their are constant tangles with the Earl of Rotherham. It is throughly predictable and sweet.

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