Monday, January 23, 2012

Northwest Corner by John Burnham Scwartz

This is the follow-up, yet stand-alone novel to Resurrection Road (which I have not read). I liked this book, but part of my enjoyment was waiting to find out what the crime of the main character was. As that is the subject of Resurrection Road, I am not sure I would have found this very exciting if I had read the first book.

So here's the story: This young man is involved in a viscious bar fight in Maine or Massachusets or Conneticut. He flees to his estranged father in California. His father is estranged because he was in prison for years and went to California upon his release. The book also deals with the victims of his father's crime and the young man's mother. Not much happens but it is very deep (I think?) Anyway, it was interesting and there would be a ton of stuff to discuss but I didn't love it.

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