Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel

Wow. There are certain books that stay with you. That are haunting. That change how you think of things. That make you feel like you aren't sure what happened....but that something important has taken place and maybe you better go back and read it again and figure this out. That you should read more about the subject, the author, that you should figure out what is real and what was fantasy.
These types of books are few and far between (The Sparrow, Life of Pi, The History of Love and now Beatrice and Virgil).
This book was so engrossing. I don't think it has chapters so once you start it, its hard to take a break. And then once you finish it, you find the need to just sit and think about it and then think about it. I know that many people I know will hate this book. It is a book for READERS.
So what's it about? Hahaha. Throughout this book, people are asking 'what's it about?'. Some stories are about nothing and everything. This story is about 2 Henry's and their written art and taxidermy and the holocaust and death and loss and love and how fake hapiness might be the first rung on the philosophical ladder that leads to real happiness. I loved this book. LOVED this book. I am glad Yann Martel is a writer. Thank you Yann Martel.

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