Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker

This book was okay...but the flyleaf and introduction were so bizarre that I was distracted the whole time. The first 3 pages of the books are testimonials from readers (even though the book is hard-cover so I assume it was the first run?) about how amazing the book is, the author is, etc. And there is verbage along the lines of, 'read more to see how this book is changing lives' UH What?
Basically this is a vampire story. And not a good one. Well, maybe it would have been good if there wasn't this random, odd, glowing minibook of raving testimonials.
HOWEVER, I did become interested in the author, who has the typical glowering head shoot in the back of the book. His parents are (were?) missionaries who worked with headhunting tribes in Indonesia. It seems like his real life is maybe more interesting than he stories if they are all like this one. I won't be reading his other books, but would love to read his biography/memoir (if he ever writes one).

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