Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Killing of Strangers by Jerry Holt

This book is based around the Kent State shootings. I was interested in this book because I had heard about this event, but didn't know any details. I now live not far from Kent State and have several friends who graduated from the school.
The Killing of Strangers follows Haggard, a former police officer turned fired security guard, who has been hired as security for one of the central figures of the shootings, a woman named Crystal. At the time of the shootings, Crystal was a star in the anti-establishment movement. She was married to Delbert who disappeared in the aftermath of the shooting leaving Crystal pregnant and bewildered. Now, years later, Crystal is a drunk who believes that Delbert is back. A lot of government agencies are also interested in where Delbert has been and what he knows about what really happened on the day of the shootings.
The story involves Haggard traveling back and forth across the state of Ohio tracking down a conspiracy. I enjoyed the recognition of places in Ohio but thought the book wasn't well written or polished. I did learn some about the history of the Kent State Shootings but am left wondering which parts of the story are truth and which are fiction. It was just 'alright'.

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